Catena Company supports brand owners who want to create, manage and communicate their own visual marketing materials.

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Digital Asset Management

A good Digital Asset Management (DAM) system makes all files available and searchable.

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Digital Data Publishing

With Digital Data Publishing, you accelerate the creation process of your marketing materials and do so efficiently, error-free and scalably.

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Customized Automation

Through customization, middleware solutions can be developed that provide the missing link between different 3rd party systems.

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Omnichannel publishing

Build your story in one place, publish it on a variety of media types. From a central content system publish texts, photos, videos with 1 click of a button to your website and more.
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After programme booklet: Strengthen your visual marketing content with AI tools

Thanks to our years of expertise, we know exactly what output marketing departments face, but mainly what problems they encounter in the process.

This offline event featured an overview of innovative content creation tools, including AI-assisted copywriting, generative image production with Adobe, and cutting-edge video and audio editing technology, with a nod to the rise of 3D technology.

In the after program booklet you will find all the presentations shown during Catena coffee klatches, accompanied by some atmospheric images. Download the after programme booklet now for free.


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