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17 June 2024

5 reasons to move from a directory structure to a modern DAM 

Joska Fleerackers
Marketeer bij Catena Company

As brand owners grow and their digital assets accumulate, they often face a crucial decision: continue to rely on traditional directory structures or switch to a more sophisticated system with filters, such as a modern Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform? For many, the time and energy invested into setting up their current directory structure is more than worth considering. Let’s check out why moving to a modern DAM system can be a wise choice, even for those who fond of their existing setup.

Time savings and efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of using filters instead of folders is the improved efficiency and time savings they provide. With advanced search and filtering capabilities, users can quickly and accurately find the specific assets they need, even within a complex structure. This reduces the time spent manually searching through folders.

For new employees it will be easier and quicker become familiar with the structure of the system. The detailed and clear metadata will make it possible to perform targeted searches for the assets they need directly in the search bar, resulting in a significant reduction in familiarisation time.


Access management and security

A modern DAM system also enhances access management and security. Admins can effortlessly set authorisations and access levels, ensuring that certain users only have access to the assets relevant to them. This approach guarantees more secure and controlled access to sensitive information. It is important to decide in advance who will assume the admin role and define their specific responsibilities.


While switching to a filter structure in a modern DAM system may seem daunting at first, it provides significant advantages over traditional directory structures. With appropriate support and guidance, brand owners can harness the benefits of filters and manage, distribute and control their digital assets more effectively.

Still unsure about the choice between folders and filter? Read our blog “The main differences between DAM and SharePoint” for concrete examples.

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