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17 June 2024

This is how all major sporting events manage their marketing content

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Account Manager bij Catena Company

With the European Football Championship and the Olympics on the horizon, we are entering a period full of sporting highlights. These events draw millions of viewers globally and generate a huge amount of content. Each moment presents an opportunity to enhance your brand and that of your sponsors.

This is where a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system becomes crucial. It not only helps manage these assets, but also contributes to more effective sponsor activation.

The challenge of major sporting events

During global sporting events such as the European Championships and the Olympics, marketing teams come under high pressure to deliver content quickly and consistently. This requires a tool that not only helps organise and distribute imagery, but also ensures that sponsors get proper recognition.

A DAM provides a central platform where all digital assets are stored and managed:

2. AI-driven text recognition

Ideal for identifying images where sponsors are clearly visible. This capability ensures sponsors receive maximum value, granting them exclusive or priority access to content which includes their brand.


Why is this important for your brand and sponsors

Consistently and efficiently managing sports content not only enhances your own brand identity, but also increases visibility and ROI for sponsors. At a time when every moment counts, DAM ensures that you are always ahead of the curve, ready to capture and share every significant moment.


Prepare for a summer of sports

With major sporting events on the horizon, now is the perfect time to think about how you will manage the huge flow of content. DAM is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic partner that helps you get more out of your assets.

Are you ready to take your fan interaction and sponsor satisfaction to the next level? Schedule a demo now and see for yourself how DAM can make the difference and work with you to ensure a winning strategy during the European Championship, Olympics, Champions League, etc.

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