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18 March 2024

Lannoo migrates nearly one million assets to Bynder DAM

Joska Fleerackers
Marketeer bij Catena Company

Lannoo is Belgium’s largest publisher with a rich history dating back to 1909. The company is known for its wide range of publications, ranging from general non-fiction to tourism and from cookbooks to scientific works. It enjoys an excellent reputation for quality and impact on the cultural and literary scene in Belgium and the Netherlands. With a large range that continues to grow, it is crucial to work with a DAM system. This allows Lannoo to publish its content faster and adapt it more easily for its various distribution channels, including print publications, e-books and online platforms.

To accomplish all of the above, Lannoo approached Catena Company.

An impossible task

The biggest challenge was in migrating the almost one million assets, a task that many would consider impossible to do.

The existing metadata from their previous DAM system was seamlessly transferred to the correct taxonomy in the Bynder DAM platform and fully automated. In this way, the migration of assets went smoothly and without problems. In just two months time, all the assets were transferred to their new DAM system.

To ensure that no asset was forgotten, a delta transfer was performed at the end of the migration. This involved implementing the missing elements from the outdated DAM system to the new Bynder DAM platform. Lannoo currently uses an impressive 16 terabytes of storage space. Quite an impressive number that is.

Metadata are added automatically with data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV requires only the ISBN number of a book to automatically add other metadata such as title, author and descriptions. This means that this important information only needs to be stored and updated in one place.

Data is automatically exchanged with third-party e-commerce platforms. ONIX is a standard for sharing structured information about books and publications. It is widely used in the publishing industry to organise and exchange book data such as titles, authors, prices and descriptions in a standardised way. This helps booksellers, libraries and online bookshops to receive and share book information easily and consistently. For Lannoo, this means in practice that the cover, back cover, jacket text and preview page of a book are also available from the DAM on external platforms such as and Fnac.

Lannoo no longer has to worry about the uniformity of the images used by external partners, as they are now always up to date and fully under their control.

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