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16 October 2023

All Adobe MAX Sneaks at a glance

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Account Manager bij Catena Company

At Catena Company, we keenly follow the latest technological innovations in the world of visual content creation. One of the eagerly awaited highlights each year is Adobe Max Sneaks, an exciting show where Adobe engineers demonstrate their latest creations. This year, many of the MAX Sneaks use generative AI, giving creators innovative new tools for different media – including photo, video, audio, 3D and design – all of which can take creativity to a whole new level.

Project Draw & Delight

Imagine: you start with some rough sketches, a sketch here, a scribble there. You feel like you know where you want to go but the final result is still a bit flue. Draw & Delight might well become your co-pilot throughout your creative process. Using generative AI, the tool effortlessly transforms those early ideas into stylish and clean drawings.

The tool even goes one step beyond just text-to-image. It features the option of text commands with visual hints, and so, with the help of Adobe Firefly, Draw & Delight turns them into high-quality vector illustrations that are immediately editable in Illustrator. It also offers you variations in colours, styles, poses and backgrounds.

During the presentation, it was soon clear that your drawing skills really don’t have to be high-level to generate very valuable output.



Project Scene Change

With this sneak, recomposing scenes becomes child’s play. Imagine: you have two great videos, each with their own unique camera movements, but you want to blend them into one harmonious whole. Scene Change is your faithful partner in this case.

Using clever artificial intelligence, the project conjures a 3D render of your background video as if it were captured by a camera dancing to the music. Add a subject from another video, complete with true-to-life shadows, and you have a brand new scene with perfectly synchronised camera movements.

With Scene Change, you say goodbye to limitations caused by fixed camera movements. It is like plucking a dancer from one routine and effortlessly integrating him into another, with all the movements and shadows perfectly matched. The filmmaker’s canvas thus becomes even wider and more boundless. What a time to tell stories!



Project Dub dub dub

Dubbing video used to be a time-consuming and costly job, something like manually setting up a giant marketing campaign. But now imagine a world where you can skip those voice actors and countless hours of studio time.

This groundbreaking project makes dubbing a breeze. Thanks to Dub Dub’s AI power, you can effortlessly translate your videos into any language you want. And the best part? The translated audio retains the voice of the original speaker, perfectly synchronised with the original dialogues. This is not only efficient, but also a great way to remain authentic in a world of globalisation. In just a few clicks, your content is translated, tuned and ready for a global audience! What a revolution for content creators and marketers.



Project Stardust

The world of photo editing is changing faster than light, and Adobe’s Project Stardust could play a very, very important role in this. Earlier this month, we already spotted a leak about this project, but during Sneaks at MAX Adobe revealed what might be the future of AI-driven photo editing.

This is no ordinary photo editor. Stardust, powered by the brand new Firefly Model 2, allows users to effortlessly remove objects and people from scenes, transform backgrounds and so much more.

In fact, the central idea behind Stardust is to take control of the power of advanced image editing yourself, thanks to Adobe’s smart AI tools.

Just a little warning: right now, Adobe still sees this as a “sneak peek”, a glimpse of what may be bubbling up behind the scenes. However, given Stardust is building on already existing Firefly technologies, we could and should probably expect more of this very soon.




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