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26 October 2020

Automate cost-efficient processes through scripting

Tim Melis
Media Workflow Consultant bij Catena Company

That Corona has a significant impact on any business no longer needs to be said. Since the outbreak, most of us were forced to question the workplace. No longer being in 1 physical location as a team, brought new challenges to every marketing department, editorial team and prepress environment.

Working from home became the new standard and IT departments had to shift up a gear. Everyone suddenly had to have VPN access, the necessary video conference tools such as Teams or Zoom had to be installed, colleagues needed access to central network locations, ERP, PIM systems and so on.

Also the known processes are now more than ever questioned. The physical separation of the workplace means that not all tasks can be carried out as naturally as before. Lower internet connection speeds and introduced security protocols often limit the user’s options. The available project budgets are also under more pressure than ever, which means that time-consuming repetitive actions that used to be done manually now suddenly have to be done automatically. But not only with existing projects are tasks scrutinized, also with new assignments additional thinking is now automatically provided to eliminate all manual and time-consuming steps as much as possible. Automation is often not only about saving costs or giving colleagues the space to focus on their core tasks, but also about preventing errors. Tasks performed using automated processes always follow the same logic, in the same way, usually faster and error-free.


When people talk about scripting, they quickly think of batch, shell, Python, VB scripts, Applescripts etc. One language that is still often overlooked is Javascript. This scripting language has been well supported for over 15 years in solutions such as Vjoon K4, Enfocus Switch and various Adobe packages. To be honest, until recently an old standard of this language was often supported. The possibilities were therefore often more limited, or required creative solutions to solve some problems.

In recent years, Node.js has been on the rise. This powerful framework allows to execute modern Javascripts, not only in your familiar browser, but also on a system level or integrated in own developed solutions. This powerhouse has not gone unnoticed by several vendors and the latest version of Enfocus Switch makes it possible to integrate Node.js scripts. The older, legacy Javascripts are still supported, but will probably have to be replaced by this newer solution in the coming years. Adobe has also finally decided to give their outdated script support a new look, and in the coming years, the known packages will be provided with a new script engine in which Node.js will play an important role.

Vjoon K4

Vjoon K4

Vjoon K4, an amazingly powerful solution for editorial environments, not only contains all the necessary tools to streamline the production of any publication by employees in any location, it also has the ability to use scripts to work out a suitable solution for any challenge. So if you are looking for additional functionality to provide content for the most exotic translation systems, web platforms or digital publications, don’t worry.



For years, Adobe has been the de facto standard in every creative environment with its powerful software solutions. Various applications offer all possible tools to give designers maximum support in the creative process. What is often less known is that in several of these solutions, scripts can be used to achieve enormous speed gains. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the standard scripts that come with the program or in scripts that are available on various websites or from vendors, you can often have a custom solution developed that perfectly meets the needs of the project.

Enfocus Switch

Enfocus Switch

Enfocus Switch, a solid workflow solution for any marketing or prepress team, comes standard with a lot of tools that make it possible to develop tailor-made step-by-step plans determining how files should be automatically picked up and processed. These flexible workflows can effortlessly process large volumes of files at a record pace without errors. Those who cannot find the desired solution among the range of modules available to build their step-by-step plan can, again, make use of the scripting module to work out custom actions.


2020 has become the year where digital transformation has received a boost in many companies. The Covid-19 pandemic is truly revolutionizing the ways we work and projects we take on. Editorial, marketing and prepress automation is now more than ever a must for those who want to support cost-effective, error-free, high-performing and robust teams. Scripts can be an important part of this, and with the advent of Node.js, a lot of options become readily available. Whether you choose to do it yourself or want to rely on a partner, high-performance solutions can support every creative team in performing repetitive actions faster and error-free. Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your team, or are you looking for a similar training? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.


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