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22 May 2023

Three benefits of Dynamic Asset Transformation you didn’t know existed

Joska Fleerackers
Marketeer bij Catena Company

As an organisation, you need to adapt your content to the platform you are using. That is, lots of versions of the same image need to be created. A manual tasks that takes a long time. The Dynamic Asset Transformation completely automates this repetitive task. Let’s take a look at 3 major benefits DAT can bring you.

Optimising images for websites

Increase your loading speed by an average of 30% by using a smart URL. A URL adapted to where the image is displayed. This way, your customer will always see the right format. And that is not the only advantage:

  • By increasing loading speed, you automatically also improve SEO.
  • Improved customer experience increases conversions.
  • Images for the web are automatically compressed by DAT to a webP format (desired by Google).
  • Since you only paste a URL within your website, you finally don’t have to deal with an overloaded media folder anymore.
  • Besides transform (resizing), you can also choose overlays. You can, for instance, put your logo on any photo in no time.
  • Your images do not lose quality. 
  • The variation of the image may depend on the linked metadata. 
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In figures

Suppose you use 750 images in one year to publish online. Of these 750 images, 15 different versions are made each time. That’s 11,250 different formats in one year. When you adjust this manually, you spend about 5 minutes per version. That’s 56,250 minutes or 937 hours  lost . If we assume you are paid €54 an hour, this ultimately leads to a cost of €50,598.  

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