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Digital Asset Management

A good Digital Asset Management (DAM) system makes all files available and searchable.

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9 July 2021

How artificial intelligence speeds up your marketing content creation process

Fernando Pauwels
Trainer Video & Animatie

Adobe Sensei brings AI under the hood of the Adobe suite

Sensei is Adobe’s substructure to integrate AI throughout the Adobe suite. Since its introduction some five years ago, the platform has expanded to support a wide range of Adobe SaaS applications. Sensei’s versatility and broad integration allow the algorithm to learn from data it collects from numerous applications.

Adobe uses under-the-hood integrations to add Adobe Sensei to their products. Creative Cloud software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro are fully supported by Adobe Sensei.

Smart automation of Digital Asset Management for brand owners

Integration of DAM

DAM (Digital Asset Management) systems allow you to easily store, organize, search and share digital assets (photo, video, InDesign files, PDF, …). They do this by adding metadata to the files and indexing them.

DAM systems are also increasingly integrated with other systems such as WCM (web content management), CMS (customer management systems), PIM (product information management), project management, marketing automation, … You name it. Catena Company has specialized in the seamless integration of DAM with other systems for many years.

Integrations of DAM systems simplify access to specific digital assets. Thus they ensure a smoother collaboration between different employees and departments. Consider, for example, a graphic designer who needs product data to create technical sheets.


DAM automation with AI

However, it remains a challenge to optimally utilize the enormous amount of digital assets, to deliver the right customer experience to different target customers. AI makes it possible to find the right content faster based on more intuitive searches. Feel free to compare it to the way Spotify makes suggestions, specifically for you.

With AI, processes such as searching for images where, for example a person wearing sunglasses appears, can be automated very easily. Simple actions like tagging large amounts of images are done completely automatically with AI. Categorizing digital assets thus becomes much more dynamic and the entire process speeds up enormously thanks to automation.

So if you have a good picture of the customer you want to reach with your marketing, then by describing that persona you can very quickly create exactly the right content that your target customer will appreciate.

Automate the creation and management of your digital assets

AI thus accelerates your content creation process in two different ways:

  • Sensei offers you a comprehensive (and rapidly expanding) pallet of intelligent tools in applications across the Adobe suite.
  • DAM automation with AI enables you to more easily manage and optimally use your digital assets.

Catena Company has been bringing together expertise in content creation, IT and automation for years. New AI-based tools in Adobe applications are often quickly picked up by users. Those who want to master the finer points can turn to Catena Company for training.

Managing the ever-growing amount of digital assets is often a more difficult task for many brand owners. It is often time-consuming and – because of the many manual operations – error-prone. As a brand owner, automating your DAM is one of the best investments you can make. Especially now that marketAI can significantly speed up and improve the process.


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