Catena Company supports brand owners who want to create, manage and communicate their own visual marketing materials.

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Digital Asset Management

A good Digital Asset Management (DAM) system makes all files available and searchable.

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Digital Data Publishing

With Digital Data Publishing, you accelerate the creation process of your marketing materials and do so efficiently, error-free and scalably.

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Customized Automation

Through customization, middleware solutions can be developed that provide the missing link between different 3rd party systems.

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Omnichannel publishing

Build your story in one place, publish it on a variety of media types. From a central content system publish texts, photos, videos with 1 click of a button to your website and more.
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Peace between IT and Marketing thanks to Digital Data Publishing

Data Publishing

Database publishing used to be the way to publish data that was nicely organized in databases. With the increased volume and complexity of data, marketers and designers are increasingly forced to fiddle with the data itself if they want to get their input right. IT people don’t like that very much.

Why do we speak of Digital Data Publishing?

We explicitly talk about Digital Data Publishing, and not database publishing, because Digital Data Publishing can handle the complexity of data – as it is available in most organizations – and digitizes the entire publishing process.

Digital Data Publishing thus accelerates the creation process of your marketing materials and does so efficiently, error-free and scalably. Catalogs, technical product sheets, labels, program booklets, insert cards etc. Data Publishing automates the process of collecting data from different sources, the design of your material, until its publication. The designer always remains in control of the end result.

Digital Data Publishing saves time, cost and frustration for every company, every organization, every brand owner who takes control of the creation of the marketing material.

Catena Company unburdens both the Marketing, as well as the IT department with Digital Data Publishing. Our smart Digital Data Publishing solutions transform content creation and touch no data! Not in databases. Not in lists. Not in Excel files. Not anywhere. The integrity of your data is assured and yet the marketer gets the right data automatically on a silver platter. Fast, structured and up-to-date.

Case study: Boss Paints makes packshots with 1 press of a button with our help

How it works

Collecting data quickly, structuring it and processing it intelligently into beautiful publications. That’s what Digital Data Publishing does for you!!

Collecting data

The biggest profit is usually made in that first step: quickly collecting the necessary data.

The question is how accessible all the data is in PIM and ERP systems, Excel sheets or other documents. Don’t forget that this often concerns visual material, which is data with a certain complexity. Often a ‘database connector’ is needed. This never touches the databases and the data itself. So administrators and other users of the data do not need to worry. They can work with the data and update it as they wish. In this way, the designers also always work with the correct information.

Designing data in InDesign

Once all the input data has been collected, it is presented in a structured way in the Digital Data Publishing process and the design phase begins. Here too there is usually a great deal of efficiency to be gained.

Sometimes Adobe InDesign templates are already used. If that is not the case, it is best to create them. Catena Company can train you in this, so you can start working with it yourself. Or you can take a kick-start and outsource it to Howart. Moreover, many repetitive manual actions in InDesign can be automated. Catena Company has the knowledge and skill to integrate with the Creative Cloud apps and services of Adobe by means of scripting, API’s and SDK’s. In this way we free designers from boring work and allow them to unleash their creativity on activities with real added value.

Admire the output

At the end of the design process, the publications are flawlessly sent out in the desired format. To print or digital media, to branches, stores, customers, …

The result of the entire Digital Data Publishing process is a measurable gain in time and a redistribution of tasks and roles. Employees in organizations that use Digital Data Publishing experience a shift to work that is more valuable and more satisfying. The space is created for them to upgrade their skills and move to the next level.

Case study: Zeeman automates visual content creation with our help

Determine your ROI with clear analysis

The ROI of Digital Data Publishing is directly measurable based on the tangible profits, but counts double in the better utilization of the potential of your people.

In the past, we were very much engaged in content correction on premedia. These administrative tasks caused quite a lot of stress. We are very satisfied that with premedia we can concentrate again on the layout and the realization of a nice seasonal brochure.
Patrick Florin, Premedia deSingel (Antwerp)
Patrick Florin
Premedia deSingel (Antwerp)

Whether Digital Data Publishing is also valuable for your company can be assessed with a clear analysis. In this assessment the publishing needs are mapped out, the installed workflow evaluated and potential gains drafted.

  • Which publications are being made?
  • How often?
  • How quickly must they be available?
  • What data is used?
  • But also, who collaborates on the publications?
  • Exactly what tasks are performed?
  • How much time is spent on them?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What is the total cost per publication?

After this analysis, the blueprint for the automated work process is drawn up, a Digital Data Publishing proposal, supported by a transparent business case with a clear ROI.

Digital Data Publishing allows you to make significant efficiency gains. The great strength behind it is the smart integration of IT and design. That way, your company makes a profit and IT and Marketing can work together in peace.


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