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5 July 2023

Search for images within your DAM thanks to artificial intelligence

Niels Bosmans

Many people experience difficulties retrieving the right data and digital assets such as images, videos and other files, despite using a DAM system. Collecting all your data on one platform and using it as the ‘single source of truth’ is already a good start, although finding the image that hits the nail on the head still remains a challenge. No worries, it will get a lot easier when you use artificial intelligence within DAM.

Finding images thanks to artificial intelligence

By using artificial intelligence within your DAM, you can find the right images in no time. Suppose you find an image online that you would like to use. Instead of immediately purchasing it, you first want to make sure you don’t have a similar asset available within your DAM. Based on an external image (or external URL of an image), AI will search within your DAM. Then it is up to you to decide whether it meets your expectations or not.

Besides comparing external images, you can also work with existing assets. Select one or more images within DAM and click “show similar”. In this way, artificial intelligence displays a set of similar images that you already own. An extremely useful method to refine complex searches, which is extended by the performance of complex, rather subjective searches for ambiguous topics such as ‘fun’, ‘climate’, ‘leadership’, etc.

Benefits of this integration

Working with artificial intelligence within a DAM has many advantages:

  • Reduce the likelihood of duplicates.
  • Put the assets you have to their best use.
  • Full integration with DAM and available directly within the platform.
  • Refine the search by using multiple images.
  • In addition, AI not only looks at the image, but also at the text on your image.

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