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23 November 2023

Smart strategies to overcome rising demand for content

Joska Fleerackers
Marketeer bij Catena Company

At a lightning pace, the amount of marketing content has exploded, this is perceived by brand owners as a true “content explosion“. This remarkable shift is driven by a number of factors, two of which we examine: the emergence of new touchpoints and the diversification of content types.

The influence of various touchpoints

In the past, the website was the communication medium of choice. It was convenient to display the entire offer in one central place. Everyone knew that this portal was comprehensive and representative of what a company had to offer. That’s in the past now. The number and diversity of touchpoints have increased exponentially. Besides your website, it is now essential to have a presence on platforms such as Google and various social media channels. Of course, physical locations also continue to play a role, just think of narrowcasting content. In addition, we should not underestimate the impact of emerging technologies such as wearables, augmented reality and virtual reality. Also take into account the rise of the metaverse, which currently dominates the gaming industry but is likely to take on a broader interpretation.

Technological developments are following at a rapid pace. Web 3.0 and 5G which are being rolled out make the ‘Internet of Things (IoT) a reality. IoT comprises a network of devices that communicate and exchange data over internet connections. It is not far-fetched to think of a future where your washing machine automatically plays instructional videos.


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How can you anticipate this?

Not to worry, there are effective strategies to manage the impact of this content explosion. Especially now that automation is gaining importance, organisations need to recognise that automating tasks is crucial. The predicted shortage of human capacity by 2023 is forcing organisations to automate tasks previously performed manually. This allows employees to make the best use of their skills and use them more strategically. By embracing the right technologies and setting thoughtful priorities, organisations can smoothly navigate this dynamic and rapidly evolving market.



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