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29 April 2019

Enfocus Pitstop 2019 introduces new tools

Tim Melis
Media Workflow Consultant bij Catena Company

Anyone who has been in the graphics business for a while will undoubtedly be familiar with Enfocus Pitstop. Just as the Adobe Photoshop program is now known as the verb ‘Photoshop’, Enfocus Pitstop has acquired the same status as the verb ‘Pitstop’.

But what does this particularly useful plug-in for Adobe Acrobat do? Enfocus Pitstop has two main functions: checking PDF files and adding several powerful solutions to customize PDF files.

Those who often receive or send PDF files want to be sure that the document is technically sound, in order to be printed without problems. Then this tool offers a solution. Based on profiles, a PDF file can be checked and certified according to certain standards. This eliminates a lot of worries.

Designers, publishers or editors are sure that files do not pose technical problems. Printers avoid faulty printing results with this software by detecting technical problems early on.

For several years there have been several native PDF editors on the market. Some are inexpensive, while others are less accessible. But making adjustments with these solutions is not always easy. And here too, Enfocus’ solutions come to-the-rescue. Making adjustments becomes a lot easier, and with a lower risk of causing new problems.

Edition 2019 has been available since the third week of April. What’s new? We’d like to list some of the new features for you.


Convert selections to images

PDF files may contain images with complex paths. Illustrations such as maps sometimes contain thousands, or even tens of thousands of points. And then things can go wrong in the RIP (Raster Image Processor), a stage that precedes producing image media for the printing press.

In the past, the choice was often made to convert the entire file to an image when problems arose. But this was not always flawless and often a compromise had to be made in quality.  With the new stunning “rasterize” feature you can selectively convert certain objects to an image, and this takes into account different types of color spaces. Upper and lower objects are also taken into account. So it is not necessarily the case that a conversion will create one image. The result may perhaps be several images that approximate the original to the maximum extent possible. Because it only applies to our selection, text outside our selection still remains text, and thus retains maximum sharpness.


Object browser

When many objects are present in a PDF file, you will have noticed that it was not always easy to select a specific object. A jumble of lower and upper objects often complicates the selection process. Here the new object browser will certainly come in handy. By listing all objects, it becomes child’s play to select them this way.


Barcode verification

For any manufacturer of products containing a barcode, an unreadable or incorrect barcode can become a nightmare.  By integrating various verification options into the preflight module, any problems are detected even before they can become a problem.


Displaying objects outside the visible page

A PDF file can often contain objects outside the visible page area. These elements not only have a negative impact on the file size, but can also cause problems during the RIP process. A simple click makes it possible to show these objects now.



You will have noticed that this new version again adds some powerful features. Those who recognize themselves in the problems mentioned above will not hesitate for a minute to buy this new version. It is a small investment that will immediately save time avoiding delays for the printing process. Last but not least, Enfocus Pitstop also exists in a robust server version which can be seamlessly integrated into an Enfocus Switch workflow environment.

By the way, did you know that Catena Company is an Enfocus Gold Partner, not only offering this software, but also providing integration support and specialized training? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you further.


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