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31 August 2023

3 most frequently asked questions about the discontinuation of synchronised Adobe Creative Cloud files

Joska Fleerackers
Marketeer bij Catena Company

Do you frequently use Adobe Creative Cloud storage to share files with colleagues, clients, printers … ? If you do, you are bound to run into problems in the short term. In late July 2023, Adobe announced that from 1 October 2024, all synchronised resources shared through Creative Cloud will no longer be supported. For personal accounts not associated with a corporate membership, these changes will be implemented on 1 February 2024. In this blog, we answer the most frequently asked questions regarding this decision.

How will the cooperation within my company be affected?

The timing of this change is not the same for everyone. New users will no longer have access from 1 October 2023. For personal accounts without corporate membership, this moment is 1 February 2024. Finally, business teams will no longer be able to use this feature from 1 October 2024. This means that, for example, you can no longer share files via Creative Cloud files with employees hired after 1 October 2023.


A good alternative

If you use Adobe’s shared storage to make marketing assets centrally available, then a DAM portal is a much more powerful alternative.

A Digital Asset Management system simplifies the efficient management, sharing and quick finding of digital assets such as images and videos, thanks to advanced filtering capabilities that enable users to effortlessly locate relevant content. Cloud-based management allows teams to collaborate seamlessly on projects from different locations, while customised access and permissions ensure strict control over who can view and edit which assets. Moreover, effortless sharing of assets inside and outside the organisation enables effective communication and collaboration. Feel free to contact us for more information on DAM systems.

Those who want to continue sharing production files via a folder structure can choose between alternatives such as Teams, OneDrive, DropBox …


In short

Below is a brief overview of the main points.

  • 1 October 2024, synchronised Creative Cloud files will no longer be supported.
    • For personal Adobe memberships, this is as early as 1 February 2024.
    • New users will no longer have access to this feature from 1 October 2023.
  • Locally stored assets are not deleted.
  • Adobe CC Libraries will continue to exist.
  • The sooner you find an alternative, the better.

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