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30 November 2021

Get more out of your digital assets with a good taxonomy and metadata

Jan Van Sprengel
Workflow Consultant & -Expert bij Catena Company
Are your data and digital assets such as photos, videos and other files piling up more and more? Without a good taxonomy and metadata they suffer an obscure life in the catacombs of your IT infrastructure, on servers and hard drives. They are no longer or very difficult to find and the existence of valuable data and digital assets is even forgotten. Let’s take a step back for a moment…

PIM, DAM, taxonomy, metadata

A designer who needs to create a publication needs product information and digital assets.

  • The product information is collected in a PIM or Product Information Management system
  • Digital assets (photos, videos, logos, illustrations etc.) are managed in a DAM or Digital Asset Management system

Taxonomy and metadata are the keys to success in these solutions. They speed up the designer’s workflow and ensure that you get the most out of your digital assets.

  • Taxonomy is a form of classification. For example, look at biology, where animals are classified into species and subspecies. The subspecies have all the characteristics of the species, but differ from each other. So too in computer science. Taxonomy defines a classification and a hierarchy, making information from different systems easier to exchange.
  • Metadata is data about data, about digital assets in this case.
Example of collaborative PIM and DAM systems

Investing in taxonomy and metadata pays off

So the major benefits of a good taxonomy and metadata are that you:

  1. find the right digital assets faster
  2. get a much higher ROI from your DAM because you can use the digital assets much more effectively.

“Do I have to provide all those digital assets with metadata manually?! Another tedious job…”

Well, no! Catena Company analyzes your data and digital assets and together we determine the optimal taxonomy and metadata strategy for your DAM. The assignment of metadata to your digital assets can then be automated to a large extent, just like the management of these assets.

Thanks to this automation, we can apply metadata at a much deeper level, without it costing you any extra effort.

A view of Catena Company’s DAM system

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