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18 March 2024

The difference between ROI and TCO: Why it matters to you

Joska Fleerackers
Marketeer bij Catena Company

During the business decision-making process, ROI and TCO are two important terms often used to evaluate whether an investment is worth it. Although both terms are related to finance, they focus on different aspects of an investment.

Specific example

Suppose your company invested €10,000 in new marketing campaigns and this investment resulted in a €20,000 increase in sales. Your ROI would then be calculated as follows:

ROI = ((€20,000 – €10,000) / €10,000) x 100% = 100%

This means that your investment of €10,000 resulted in a profit of 100%.


Specific example

Let’s take the example of the previous marketing investment. In addition to the initial €10,000 investment, you also spent €5,000 on ongoing advertising costs and €2,000 on maintenance and monitoring during the year. The TCO of your investment would then be calculated as follows:

TCO = €10,000 + €5,000 + €2,000 = €17,000

This means that the TCO for this marketing investment is €17,000.


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