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22 May 2023

Why is Dynamic Asset Transformation or DAT a much-needed tool for forward-thinking webmasters?

Joska Fleerackers
Marketeer bij Catena Company

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to quickly adapt your content to the right platform. For a webshop alone, you need 7 different versions. If you customise this to each device, you are dealing with a huge amount of different formats for the same photo. By working with DAT, you leave this repetitive task for what it is. You can read more about the benefits of DAT in our blog “All the benefits of DAT at a glance“.

How does it work?

To get started with DAT, you must first have a Bynder DAM system in place. Your DAM is a gathering place for all assets within your company. When the correct visual for your project is found, you can address DAT. It may be useful to set a focus point in advance, but it can always be adjusted afterwards. This way, you can shift the focus point by device and be sure that the most important things always remain visible. Through Bynder’s API, the link of your image is automatically retrieved. Based on your focus point and specified standards, a different version of your image appears.


Suppose you just received the final product photos of your new production line. Of course, your first reflex is to immediately post this on your DAM. This allows graphic designers, marketers, web designers and other interested parties to find these photos. Now it is up to you, as a marketer, to generate different versions of this picture. Instead of doing this manually in Photoshop, choose to address DAT. It will automatically retrieves the link of your image. You choose a focus point, the format and press enter. Not satisfied? You can make changes immediately in the URL that is displayed at the top. Then the URL just needs to be pasted in the right place on your website. See, this way you will save yourself and your colleagues a lot of time. 

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