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19 May 2023

Beeztees scales up with Bynder DAM

Eddy Smets
Managing Director at Catena Company

For anyone looking to spoil their pet, Beeztees is the brand to know. Beeztees’ products will have you make those everyday moments with your pet even greater fun. Whether you need an orthopaedic dog cushion, a cat toy or products for your pet chicken, Beeztees has exactly the right product to cater for every pet. Once it has tried Beeztees, your pet is certain to instantly become a brand ambassador.

Optimum sales experience with integrated Bynder DAM

The main aim was to upgrade the entire e-commerce platform and to ensure a flawless transition to the new Bynder DAM. Needless to say the way in which Bynder DAM is linked with the e-commerce platform, Pet Trade Portal, is wholly automated.  Which means an end to manual up and downloads of visuals.

To Beeztees, Bynder DAM’s major achievement resides in the fact that all digital assets, all the visuals, are now available to be consulted and administered in one central repository. Thereby giving the DTP staff who create and upload the visuals a lot more control over the massive amount of digital assets. Courtesy of the extensive range of features Bynder has to offer when it comes to using meta data, all assets are also a lot easier to retrieve. Moreover, this cloud solution gets rid of a lot of the headaches for the people at IT that came with the old server application.

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