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15 July 2021

BelOrta fruit and vegetables, amazingly fun also thanks to customised creative training

Dennis Martens
Account- & Project Manager bij Catena Company

Tailor-made training offer thanks to learning objective analysis

For companies like BelOrta, good marketing and attractively portraying their products is extremely important. To do so, they call on creative staff, who have acquired specific skills thanks to their interest and experience. Marketing tools and channels evolve quickly and marketing staff with experience in photography quickly take responsibility for related tasks such as the creation of product simulations and promotional materials.

You can’t just put these people into any kind of general training. The company has specific needs and the employee already has specific competences. Filling the gap in between is customised work.

Learning plan

That is exactly what Catena Company offers with a learning goal analysis. It involves first taking stock of the service portfolio. What does BelOrta want to do? What services should the marketing department be able to offer the company? We then compare this with the competence portfolio. What competences are already present? Which ones need to be honed and which new competences need to be built and developed?

The fact that Catena Company’s trainers have a very broad and deep knowledge facilitates this process. No further coordination with other trainers is needed, no overlap in training content and the cost remains limited. The trainer thinks with the client. This means the company and the trainee themselves. Both in advance, when designing the training, and during the training itself, the trainer responds to specific needs.

A hands-on, focused and hugely enriching training. With attention to crosscompany KPIs to frame the course content in a broader business picture. Absolutely recommended!
Glenn Sebregts, Divisional Head of Marketing & External Communications
Glenn Sebregts
Divisional Head of Marketing & External Communications

BelOrta fruit and vegetables, in astonishing pictures

Nick enjoyed two days of training, fully tailored to his and BelOrta’s needs. Glenn also picked up part of the training sessions. Both appreciated the focused and hands-on nature of the trainings. BelOrta fruits and vegetables are amazingly pleasing, and amazingly beautifully portrayed!

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