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8 June 2022

Customized video training at PCS Innotec

Fernando Pauwels
Trainer Video & Animatie

Innovation Summit teaser movie

PCS Innotec had a challenging case. For the Innovation Summit they wanted to make a teaser movie for all their European distributors. During the training, a storyboard was drawn up in which the entire scenario was worked out in detail. After that, the marketing employees themselves went to work with the material that Fernando had provided to make test shots. This way, everyone had mastered the necessary techniques and processes before starting on the real shoot.

On the day of the shoot, all shots were canned. The preparations paid off, because the conditions were really challenging. The evening shoots required advanced lighting techniques and creative camera angles and movements were used to powerfully portray the story.

It was a great challenge to use our own material to create a video in which all aspects came together. The tailor-made training by Fernando gave us the perfect guideline.
Kris Van Grieken, Graphic Department PCS Innotec
Kris Van Grieken
Graphic Department PCS Innotec

Thanks to earlier training courses, there was already some knowledge of certain aspects. Especially insight into storytelling is very important for a gripping production. PCS Innotec also had a clear goal in mind with the teaser movie for the Innovation Summit and was able to quickly outline the strategy with Fernando’s guidance. Also in the editing with Premiere, an employee had trained himself in the past at Catena Company.

The result was worth seeing. With the teaser movie the Innovation Summit became a hit and the marketing staff got even more eager to actively use video in their communication.

A customized video training is the fastest way to produce your own corporate videos. We bring together the pieces of the puzzle that may already be in place and build on them.
Fernando Pauwels, Trainer Video & Animation
Fernando Pauwels
Trainer Video & Animation

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