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21 February 2024

Bioracer accelerates the design process with DDP Suite

Dennis Martens
Account- & Project Manager bij Catena Company

Bioracer specialises in designing and manufacturing cycling clothing and accessories. The combination of advanced technologies and high-quality materials ensures that cyclists of all levels are provided with comfortable and performance-oriented outfits. The company works closely with professional cycling teams,  such as Ineos, to ensure their products meet the requirements of most riders. 

Catena Company helped us to actually create those derivatives by size and by item based on the standard design.
Danny Segers, CEO at Bioracer
Danny Segers
CEO at Bioracer

Today, Bioracer rides on agility

Our expert went on site to see how Catena Company could improve the way it was operating at the time. After a thorough analysis, a new approach was set up, in consultation with Bioracer. Out came a mix of new and existing components. The design file created in Adobe Illustrator is still prepared by the graphic designer. When the design file is created, it first passes by the DTP operator. He gives a final “go” to the CRM system. After this signal, Catena Company’s Dynamic Data Publishing Suite starts running at full speed and completely takes over the preparation of print files by template.

Catena Company helped us a lot in the preliminary process, before going to production. On average we still needed between 40 and 45 minutes to get a design ready for production. With the automation achieved by their expertise and their experts, that’s all automatic now and easily half an hour quicker. Which, of course, makes quite a difference. Especially when you know we make 12,000 designs a year."
Danny Segers, CEO at Bioracer
Danny Segers
CEO at Bioracer

Facing the future at a good pace

Catena Company’s solutions not only enabled Bioracer to maintain their sustainable image, but they now operate time- and cost-efficiently. The same operation can now be completed 90% faster. Really amazing.

Finally, by revising the working method, technical errors are noticed more quickly because the DTP operator is involved early in the process. This immediately results in fewer reprints, so less extra time and extra material.

Credits by @activimages-BouklaF
We used to work fast, but now we work even faster because of Catena Company’s automation core.
Wouter Vandommele, Process Automation Engineer at Bioracer
Wouter Vandommele
Process Automation Engineer at Bioracer

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