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13 July 2023

Niko responds faster with Dynamic Data Publishing

Dennis Martens
Account- & Project Manager bij Catena Company

Everyone has Niko products in their home. Known for its switchgear, home automation and detectors, this company from Sint-Niklaas has been operating in Europe and beyond for more than 100 years. Niko sells more than 5,000 products through wholesalers, DIY and construction material shops in several European countries and manages a wide range of product information. To further optimise data quality, the publication process of datasheets, catalogues and packaging was checked out in detail by Catena Company.

All kinds of commercial tools

For catalogues and price lists, Catena Company also presented ample time and efficiency gains. By eliminating a significant part of the manual graphic design work, the turnaround time for the production of a catalogue was reduced from 19 to 12 weeks, including 6 weeks of pre-press and printing. For instance, all the layout and data processing was automated in the DDP Suite. This allows product and price information to be immediately presented in the correct layout in PDF and InDesign, without the intervention of a graphic designer.

In addition, the DDP Suite was used to create the packaging for the retail market. For ecological reasons, Niko decided to switch from plastic to cardboard packaging. An important requirement was that the packaging had to contain different types of information by product type. Due to the specific shapes of the packaging and the limited printable area, this still required a lot of manual correction work in the past. The fully automatic process in the DDP-Suite saves a lot of time and costs, and ensures a consistent look-and-feel of the products on the shelves. This definitely enhances the branding of the Niko brand.

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