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2 June 2022

Keep formatted price lists up to date with a single click

Eddy Smets
Managing Director at Catena Company

An example

Take, for example, a company that sells 20 collections and brands through a dealer network in eight countries. That’s 20 x 8 price lists, another x 2 for buying and selling prices, which makes it 320.

With continuously changing raw material prices, it is currently common practice to update all price lists on a monthly basis. That means all 320 price lists are updated 12 times a year, a total of 3840 (!) documents are created annually in this company. This alone in fact requires a full-time employee.

And what is worse, the marketing employee assigned to this task is usually not very happy about it. It is mostly numbing manual copy-paste work, which is also very error-prone as a result.

An example from the cooperation with Wolf Oil

Advantages of the DDP Suite

The DDP Suite relieves your marketing staff from many hours of very boring work and from the pressure that sales staff put on them to provide updates faster. Because remember, sales cannot go ahead if correct price lists are not available. This means that your sales people, dealers and customers will also get a better service thanks to Catena’s DDP Suite. Besides, the content of your price lists will be error-free (provided correct entry in the linked databases, of course) and the format consistent. So your price lists uniformly breathe your brand identity.

Also note that Digital Data Publishing goes far beyond automating the publication of price lists. You apply the DDP Suite technology in exactly the same way for publishing catalogues, labels, product sheets, technical datasheets, etc.

An example from the cooperation with Libert

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