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Digital Asset Management

A good Digital Asset Management (DAM) system makes all files available and searchable.

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Digital Data Publishing

With Digital Data Publishing, you accelerate the creation process of your marketing materials and do so efficiently, error-free and scalably.

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Customized Automation

Through customization, middleware solutions can be developed that provide the missing link between different 3rd party systems.

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Omnichannel publishing

Build your story in one place, publish it on a variety of media types. From a central content system publish texts, photos, videos with 1 click of a button to your website and more.
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How do you create Declaration of Performance documents?

Until recently, all these documents at Soudal were created in Word. A time-consuming and error-prone job, as it turned out. As more different products were released to markets in more countries, the complexity increased rapidly. Further digitization of this process could save a lot of work.

There are some challenges involved in such a digitization, but the content and structure of DOP documents is strictly defined, and that makes it easy to work with templates and enter the product information via a table structure. Automating a process, however, is one thing, collecting the right inputs and immediately exporting the output documents correctly is another.

More than DOP documents

Soudal learned some valuable best practices through the collaboration with Catena and now also relies on the DDP-Suite for other publications. Technical data sheets and labels for the well-known tubes are generated in a similar way, fully automatically. This is easy, because Catena integrated the entire marcom technology stack nicely.

The purchase and integration of technology is a cost/benefit consideration that companies often postpone too long. This is not illogical, as we are naturally afraid of disrupting existing processes, even if they are slow and prone to error. In addition, each employee or team is also trying to solve their own problem. The bottleneck is then easily shifted to another department.

Integration of the technology stack is therefore an absolute must. This is inevitable for large organizations, but also pays off for smaller SMEs. Every company nowadays has to manage numerous publications, both for administrative and marketing & sales purposes.

Voorbeeld technical data sheets Soudal

Which publications are you concerned about?

Program booklets


Technical data sheets

Product sheets





DOP Documents


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Keep formatted price lists up to date with a single click

An example

Take for example a company that sells 20 collections and brands through a dealer network in 8 countries. That’s 20 x 8 price lists, another x 2 for purchase and sales prices, cumulating at 320 in other words.

With the continuously changing raw material prices, it is currently common practice to update all price lists monthly. This means that all 320 price lists are updated 12 times a year. Thus, 3840 (!) documents are created in this company every year. That easily requires a full-time employee.

And what is worse, the marketing employee who is assigned this task is rarely happy about it. It is numbing manual copy-paste work, which is extremely error-prone for that very reason.

An example from the cooperation with Wolf Oil

Benefits of the DDP Suite

The DDP Suite frees your marketing staff from many hours of very boring work and from the pressure that sales staff puts on them to deliver updates faster. Don’t forget that sales can’t continue if the right price lists are not available! So your sales people, dealers and customers also get a better service thanks to Catena’s DDP-Suite. The content of your price lists will be error-free (provided they are correctly entered in the linked databases) and the format will be consistent. Your price lists will thus expose your brand identity in a uniform way.

Note that Digital Data Publishing goes much further than automating the publication of price lists. The DDP-Suite technology can be used in exactly the same way for the publication of catalogs, labels, product sheets, technical data sheets, etc.

An example from the cooperation with Libert

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