Catena Company supports brand owners who want to create, manage and communicate their own visual marketing materials.

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Digital Asset Management

A good Digital Asset Management (DAM) system makes all files available and searchable.

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Digital Data Publishing

With Digital Data Publishing, you accelerate the creation process of your marketing materials and do so efficiently, error-free and scalably.

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Customized Automation

Through customization, middleware solutions can be developed that provide the missing link between different 3rd party systems.

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Omnichannel publishing

Build your story in one place, publish it on a variety of media types. From a central content system publish texts, photos, videos with 1 click of a button to your website and more.
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Case studies

16 April 2024

AS Adventure intertwines the gears of automation with the brushstrokes of creativity

Automating does not mean losing your creativity. AS Adventure came with a pressing request to free up more time by automating repetitive tasks. This way, their team could get back to being more creative. Discover their story.

18 March 2024

Lannoo migrates nearly one million assets to Bynder DAM

Lannoo migrated nearly a million assets from an outdated system to the Bynder DAM platform with help from Catena Company. The migration was seamless and the existing metadata was transferred automatically.

21 February 2024

Bioracer accelerates the design process with DDP Suite

Lots of excess paper and lots of wasted time, with these two challenges Bioracer came knocking on Catena Company’s door. Find out how they used the DDP Suite and customized automation to make their operation more efficient and sustainable.

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22 January 2024

How smart media management leads to optimal harvest: the role of DAM at DCM

De Ceuster Meststoffen migrated to the advanced Bynder DAM system with help from Catena Company due to issues with outdated technology and inefficient marketing content management. Bynder DAM offered a user-friendly interface, advanced search and integration capabilities that aligned with the company’s vision for the future. The migration went smoothly, making DAM now the central source of truth for all media assets within DCM.

21 August 2023

CM builds new website with DAM integration

CM faced several challenges. On the one hand, they had the migration to the new CMS system, and on the other, this new system had to be able to communicate smoothly with a new DAM. Because the larger the organization, the more difficult it is to maintain an overview of your assets. Especially when you work across language borders. Before the project, CM did not yet have a DAM system.

13 July 2023

Niko responds faster with Dynamic Data Publishing

Niko sells more than 5,000 products through wholesalers, DIY and construction material shops in several European countries and manages a wide range of product information. To further optimise data quality, the publication process of datasheets, catalogues and packaging was checked out in detail by Catena Company.

19 June 2023

lednlux® innovative product catalogues always up to date with the DDP Suite

lednlux® faced a challenge that sounds familiar to many other brand owners. Optimising and accelerating their operational processes.

With outdated product specifications in their catalogue, it was high time to tackle this in a more efficient way. That’s how they ended up with Catena Company’s DDP Suite. Thanks to a link between the publishing process and their PIM, they create beautiful catalogues in InDesign at the click of a mouse.

19 May 2023

Beeztees scales up with Bynder DAM

With 2,000+ products on its website and the ambition to grow international, Beeztees decided to manage their digital assets in Bynder DAM. Read more about how Beeztees upgraded their e-commerce platform and the flawless transition to the new DAM.

9 March 2023

Renotec automates quotation process in Adobe InDesign

Renotec’s quotation process was initially carried out entirely in Word. Different sources were merged manually, a process they wanted to automate. Discover how Renotec efficiently produced quotations with a nice layout.


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