Catena Company supports brand owners who want to create, manage and communicate their own visual marketing materials.

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Digital Asset Management

A good Digital Asset Management (DAM) system makes all files available and searchable.

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Digital Data Publishing

With Digital Data Publishing, you accelerate the creation process of your marketing materials and do so efficiently, error-free and scalably.

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Customized Automation

Through customization, middleware solutions can be developed that provide the missing link between different 3rd party systems.

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Omnichannel publishing

Build your story in one place, publish it on a variety of media types. From a central content system publish texts, photos, videos with 1 click of a button to your website and more.
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Everything you need to know

18 September 2023

The main differences between Bynder DAM and SharePoint

Bynder excels in integrations with creative tools, automated derivatives and intuitive search capabilities, making it ideal for digital assets and brand consistency. Read the full blog for detailed information and considerations before choosing between Bynder and SharePoint.

31 August 2023

3 most frequently asked questions about the discontinuation of synchronised Adobe Creative Cloud files

Find out what the future holds for Adobe Creative Cloud users! Soon support for synced files will change, with local files remaining accessible but cloud-saved files being permanently deleted. Find out what this means for you.

24 July 2023

DAM: A powerhouse for marketing professionals

Digital Asset Management is essential in every marketing strategy. Read more why you should integrate a DAM.

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6 July 2023

5 frustrations a DAM gets rid of

A DAM platform allows you to manage all assets within your organisation in a clear and structured way. Due to this way of working, the platform is almost indispensable in the workplace. Especially if you work with a lot of assets or dynamic data. Let’s look at a concise overview of all the benefits of DAM.

5 July 2023

Search for images within your DAM thanks to artificial intelligence

With AI it will get a lot easier to retrieve the right data and digital assets such as images, videos and other files in your DAM. And there are even more benefits of AI. Discover them here.

16 June 2023

Bynder Spotlight Awards: An interview with judge Eddy Smets

Bynder recently organised the Bynder Spotlight Awards. Several experts, including our managing director Eddy Smets, closely studied the different cases. We interviewed him briefly about the process it involved

22 May 2023

2 concrete situations where Dynamic Asset Transformation is actually indispensable

Create multiple formats of your image in no time with DAT, Dynamic Asset Transformation. Read more about DAT.

22 May 2023

Three benefits of Dynamic Asset Transformation you didn’t know existed

Creëer met DAT, Dynamic Asset Transformation, in sneltempo meerdere formaten van jouw afbeelding. Lees meer over DAT.

22 May 2023

Why is Dynamic Asset Transformation or DAT a much-needed tool for forward-thinking webmasters?

Create multiple formats of your image in no time with DAT, Dynamic Asset Transformation. Read more about DAT.

10 November 2022

Make your archives accessible again

Krantenknipsels uit vervlogen tijden vormen een dankbare bron van herbruikbare mediacontent. Ontdek hier de manier om ze snel doorzoekbaar te maken.

22 June 2022

How do you create Declaration of Performance documents?

Construction companies have to make Declaration of Performance documents about their final products. How they do it, could be more efficient.

2 June 2022

Keep formatted price lists up to date with a single click

The price changes has an impact on the workload of MarCom departments. After all, they have to update the beautiful, house-style price lists.

2 February 2022

DAM versus PIM

What are DAM- and PIM-systems? Where are the big differences? Read our blog where we explain everything about both systems.


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